April 16, 2012

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August 10, 2009

Wow, it’s the beginning of the second semester already ...

Wow, it’s the beginning of the second semester already – seems like the year has flown by. To all the new students, welcome to Otago Polytechnic! To all the returning students, welcome back.

It is well and truly the flu season at the moment. There are four people in the OPSA office that have been off sick with the flu. I had forgotten how much the flu really sucks.

Over the break we were away at an NZUSA conference up in Auckland. David’s report is in this month so you can read about it from his perspective. If you are wanting to know any more, then drop into the OPSA office and ask. It was great to catch up with the other associations and see what they are up to, which leads me onto the next part.

Many of the OPSA executive have been working on a campaign which is going to be launched really soon: the message of the campaign is “Study is a Full-Time Job”. Are you sick of the perception that students are drunk layabouts? I know I am, and so are the executive! Keep an eye out on campus for the posters, and also for someone wandering around with a camera and a mini-whiteboard. If you see them, then offer to have your picture taken with the number of hours you study written on the whiteboard.

I am going to run a competition. The winner will be announced in the next month’s Gyro; the first prize will be a $50 phone card. The competition is simple, in 200 words or less tell me why you deserve to win the phone card.

Send your entries into Meegan@opsa.org.nz with “Competition” in the subject line please.
Right. I’m off to hunt down some LemSip.
Ka kite ano for now!

Meegan Cloughley
OPSA Acting President 2009

May 28, 2009

President's column (Gyro)

And then there was one. Ryan has left, he’s gone back down to Clinton to make some money as a builder. Ryan will be missed around the campus by students. In accordance with the constitution, the executive elected me to be Acting President until the elections later this year.

OPSA hosted the Annual ITP conference this year; we held it out at the Otākou Marae. The conference went extremely well in my opinion. There was a lot of networking, and some strong outcomes of where the associations are hoping to move towards in the near future. The strategic plan was split up so that each association had something to work on: the two that OPSA are moving with are improving the networking amongst ITPs and increasing the ITP portfolio.

The National Government has said they are not going to put any more money into the tertiary sector in this budget. Yes, this is something that is concerning – the institutions need to get their money from somewhere. If the fee maxima scheme is removed, then the fees could go up by any amount that the institution feels like. For example your fees of currently $4000 could go up to $8000 or more. Even though the fee maxima scheme isn’t the best in the world, it at least doesn't allow the institutions free range in the increase of fees.

OPSA is currently looking at ways to protest against the removal of fee maxima. Keep an eye out too and get involved when the action takes place.

Meegan Cloughley
OPSA Acting President

June 06, 2008

Mid year already

Its hard to believe that that we are in June already, in many ways we look back over the last 5 months and wonder where they have gone. We hare both really enjoying this job, really enjoying interacting with the students, and we are so grateful for the aweseom executive we have this year. Their passion for OPSA is contagious, they want to continue do great events for the students, and keep improving the environment here. Coming up on the 12 of June we are having an event in the Quad area, so if you are around come and check it out, there will be lolly scrambles, fun and free stuff!! I am not going to tell you what it is about, you will need to come along and check it out!!
Righteo time for me to head off and get some other stuff done

ka kite ano

May 15, 2008

Polytech Conference

Well we are back!! 10 of us headed up to Nelson for the NZUSA (New Zealand Union Student Associations) for the Polytech conference, must admit the town is beautiful!! But nothing beats our campus!! (ok a bit biased)
It was great to meet some of the exec from other campuses and catch up with the presidents, the OPSA exec were fantastic, and showed that they had been doing their research on the different workshops that were at the conference. We are all still writing our reports for the conference, and if anyone is interested in reading them come on over to the office in a couple of weeks.
On to the next thing now, there is going to be another lunch time event coming up over in the quad, not going to tell you what it is for yet, but keep an eye out for the posters...I will give you an idea of the date, it will be on the 12th June. We are looking into having some more social events as well like another quiz night, and maybe something else in the evening, if you have any ideas please let us know!

Righteo, until next week

May 02, 2008

Term 1 wind-up

Well with the month of April drawing to a close, it is time we made a special mention of the new OPSA executive committee. Elected less than 2 months ago, the exec is already expressing their interest in student issues for 2008.
With almost all of the portfolios taken these guys have been out organising events such as 10 billion dollar debt day and helping plan the campaigns for the year, on the 8th of April we are taking the Executive on their first conference in nelson. This is an annual conference held by NZUSA to help represent polytechnics on the national level. It’s a great chance for the exec to get out there and start expressing their opinions on things and really start learning about the issues face by today students around New Zealand.
A big thanks to all of you guys and girls who came along to the recent 10 billion dollar debt day on the 10th, the turnout was great, and all of you were really vocal about the issues. And were really stoked about the signatures we got on the banner, some of the comments were awesome and we expect some real tractions on the debt issue in the next election.
Anyway guys enjoy the next half of the semester and we look forward to seeing you all at the next OPSA event which is to be confirmed.
Meegan and Ryan
OPSA Co-Presidents 2008


So here we go the 2nd edition of our blog, I hope you all have had the chance to read at least of these editions as they are OPSA's best source of communication with you guys out there.
Recently the OPSA quiz night was held with raging success, a big thanks to all of those that turned up to enjoy the night.
The demand was so great that we decided to have another one, so keep and ear out and be sure to be in for the next one
Also coming up is 10 billion dollar debt day on the 10th of april
on the 10th student debt will hit the 10 billion dollar mark so OPSA is having a bit of an activity to show our discust at the government and also give you guys and girls a chance to be heard. so be sure to be in the forth st campus quad and make yourself heard.
Also the OPSA Exec has been elected, so a big thanks to all of you who went to the AGM and had your say in how OPSA is run. In may we will be taking the Exec away to nelson for their first NZUSA
(New Zealand Union of Students Associations)Polytechnic confernece. while away they will be representing all of you on national issues and helping NZUSA decide on what direction to take on these issues.
So if you have anything you would like them to take away and discuss with NZUSA and other ITP's let OPSA know.
Anyway people keep up the good studys and feel free to let us know whats going on in your side of things if you feel the urge
Cheers Meegan and Ryan
OPSA Co-Presidents

February 29, 2008

O week

It is great to see the campus alive with students!! Orientation was a lot of fun, getting to meet some of the students through the inductions and orientation events, and both look forward to meeting more of you over the year. It seems that in the first week there is a lot of information that is given to everyone, and I remember when I was a student I was feeling really overwhelmed with it all, I guess the main thing that we would like everyone to remember is if you have any questions at all, OPSA is here for you.
At the moment there are nomination forms out to get on to our executive, they are available in Gyro, and also at the OPSA office if you want to pop in and grab one. Being on the exec is a lot of fun, you get the opportunity to meet other students on a national level at conferences. OPSA is a member of NZUSA, New Zealand Union Student Association, the national body that represents students, it works towards making students lives a lot better, if you want to have your voice heard more than it already is, become one of our exec and use that avenue. If you want to know what the different types of portfolios that are available again just come on into the office and we will print one off for you.
Time to head off and get some other work done, we are both looking forward to meeting you over the coming year.

OPSA Co-Presidents